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Virtuoso Sourcing Group, LLC

About Us

We are a WBE certified and nationally licensed contact center assisting clients with debt collection, accounts receivable management, and customer care services. We believe that organizations should be paid quickly for the services that they provide to their customers. We understand the need for organizations to innovate and provide affordable and high-quality products and services and to do so, a strong customer reconnection partner is necessary.

We believe that working in harmony sounds better.

The term Virtuoso implies a venerated level of expertise, commitment, and dedication to hard work. The daily task of each member of our team is to perform to the definition of our name.

Our History

In 2009, we formed Virtuoso Sourcing Group with this specific vision in mind:

To rethink the collections process in a customer-centric way that recovers money for our clients and treats your customers in a respectful manner, rehabilitating your customer relationships

With deep expertise in the collections industry, our team recognized the market was changing. Interactions with customers needn’t be acrimonious or adversarial and technologies new frontier for making payments with touch-screen smart devices becoming more common. A new approach was needed and Virtuoso Sourcing Group was launched to meet this need and lead the collection industry in a new direction.

The Stakeholder Model

Our stakeholder model consists of our employees, clients, suppliers, and regulators.  Together, our stakeholders provide the foundation for innovation, growth, compliance, and performance.  As a privately-owned company, we can execute long-term goals without the pressure from shareholders expecting aggressive short-term earnings.  Without this pressure, we’re able to focus on improving our client service experience while investing in the technology and employee training necessary to achieve compliant performance results.



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