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Virtuoso Sourcing Group, LLC

About Us

We are a WBE certified and nationally licensed fully functional omnichannel contact center assisting clients with customer care, accounts receivable management, and contact center solutions. Our team designs custom solutions to keep consumers engaged, satisfied and current with payments. Our cloud hosted contact center solutions group assists clients with optimizing their internal contact center activities with both voice based strategies and digital engagement all on a single platform. We understand the need for organizations to innovate and provide affordable and high-quality products and services and to do so, a strong customer connection partner is necessary.

We believe that working in harmony sounds better.

The term Virtuoso implies a venerated level of expertise, commitment, and dedication to hard work. The daily task of each member of our team is to perform to the definition of our name.

Clients and Partners

  • Consumer services
  • Utility service providers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare providers

We deliver a variety of end to end customer branded and third party solutions that keep customer relationships strong and sustainable.

The Stakeholder Model

Our stakeholder model consists of our employees, clients, suppliers, and regulators.  Together, our stakeholders provide the foundation for innovation, growth, compliance, and performance.  As a privately-owned company, we can execute long-term goals without the pressure from shareholders expecting aggressive short-term earnings.  Without this pressure, we’re able to focus on improving our client service experience while investing in the technology and employee training necessary to achieve superior performance results.

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