Our Capabilities

First Party
We're representing your organization and encouraging account payment prior to disconnects and service drops.
3rd Party
We represent ourselves on behalf of your organization and educate the customers on the benefits of re-payment.
Credit Bureau Reporting
We're in full compliance with the FCRA and report to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.
Custom Letter Campaigns
Our letter content and strategies are specific to each client while compliant with the FDCPA.
Interactive Voice Response System
Not everyone wants to speak with a live agent, and we get that. Our IVR accepts payments and notifies our operations team when customers fail to complete a payment.
Client WebAccess
You and your team can log in through our secure web-service to view placement and individual account statistics.
Proprietary Account Scoring
Your organization benefits from our proprietary account scoring models which are designed to optimize contact with individuals who are capable and willing to pay.
System Integration
Our technology allows us to integrate with clients across multiple industries and on multiple customer information systems.
Skip Tracing
Through the use of automated, manual, and notification based skip tracing, we simply locate more consumers.
Executive Level Performance Tracking
Large or small, each client portfolio is optimized for maximum recovery efforts during weekly executive meetings.

For your office: Responsive client service team, easy online access, and quick client set up.

For your customers: Convenient payment options, online account portal, and easy-to-reach agents.


For your office: Secure data transmission and storage, multi-site disaster recovery. account access.

For your customers: PCI, GLBA, HIPPA compliance, data encryption, payment portals.


For your office: Project manager and team, "DUET" project management methodology, Attentive

For your customers: Rehabilitative, consultative, and courteous agents.