Our customer care and call center services are proven to be cost-effective, secure, and customizable.  We understand that the satisfaction of your customer ultimately contributes to the success of your organization and have developed processes and policies that create a customer service journey that increases retention and exceeds service metrics.

Why We Do It

Virtuoso Sourcing Group was founded on the premise of, "rethinking the collection process in a customer-centric way that recovers money for our clients and treats your customers in a  respectful manner, rehabilitating your customer relationships."

Our foundational principals have allowed us to incorporate customer care and accounts receivable management into our service offerings while adhering to our mission of delivering high-quality projects to high-quality clients.

We do it because we understand the need to provide cost-effective, secure, on-shore, and customizable customer care services to organizations just like yours. Whether your organization is a utility needing seasonal load balancing, an institution needing call overflow during registration, or simply a growing company looking to handle the overflow of sales and customer service calls, we're here to help.

From integration, to communication, to results. Our services are designed with simplicity, benefiting both you and your customers.
You and your customers can trust us with company and personal information.
Every partnership begins with our DUET project management methodology. We develop, utilize, execute, and track the status of every customer and client relationship.

How We Do it

It all begins with placing the right people, in the right places, at the right time. Our clients benefit from our two American-based and accent-neutral contact centers located in Denver, Colorado, and Tempe, Arizona.  Both of theses cities produce some of the nation's finest motivated professionals seeking to grow and develop their careers and take our client's business to the highest level.

Additionally, our executive team is fully engaged with each of our client portfolios, we call this, executive level engagement.  We closely monitor KPI's and develop strategies to further fine-tune our approach in creating the ultimate customer service journey which increases retention, sales, and exceeds service metrics.

What We Do


Customer Service
We're harmonizing with your customers, amplifying the customer experience journey.
We carefully assess your customers needs and provide them with value.
Accounts Receivable Management
We reconnect with your past-due customers and inspire them to pay.
Market Analysis
We evaluate consumer trends, and provide the data necessary to stay ahead of them.
Tier 1 Technical Support
We quickly troubleshoot your customer questions and refer them to the best available technician.